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Lorraine Mignault…Founder of Positive Living Inc. launches Gift of Health ideas and events. Read more at http://www.vitalitylink.com/events-by-Lorraine-Mignault-592?end_date=&start_date=2012-11-22

Lorraine Mignault…Founder of Positive Living Inc. featured on Today’s Brilliance™ by InspireMeToday.com. Join us September 28th at  http://www.inspiremetoday.com/archiveDisp.php?type=0&ref=1645

a celebration of women Lorraine Mignault…nominated Woman of Action by A Celebration of Women, joining United Nations women, women heads of state, celebrities such as Oprah – and more. Come celebrate with us at http://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=75431

Lorraine Mignault featured Wellness Expert on the influential Vitality Link global practitioner community.



Lorraine Mignault…Founder of Positive Living Inc. interviewed author at


Press Release…Positive Living Leads To Curing Depression – contact Lorraine Mignault at



Lorraine Mignault… Founder of Positive Living Inc. interviewed on women’s hormonal health in BELLA Magazine


Lorraine Mignault…Founder of Positive Living Inc. interviewed on beauty and health at

eDrugstore.MD – Featured Health Expert


Committed Entrepreneur Awards… featuring Lorraine Mignault, Founder and Director, Positive Living Inc. on

Positive Living Video

Lorraine Mignault … WE Magazine Women’s Hall of Fame Honoree, global Cover Story Competition.
Lorraine Mignault of Positive Living Essentials as the WE Magazine Women’s Hall of Fame Honoree


Lorraine Mignault appointed Founding Member of the Ecological Food Manufacturers Association…
“Thank you for your passion and interest in helping EFMA. We look forward to working with you.”
Winston Riley, Chief Executive Officer

Author and inventor Lorraine Mignault is showcased on “A Truly Outstanding Woman” series on http://www.briefcasediva.com

Lorraine Mignault… Nominee for the 2009 Women of Distinction Awards, Press Release by YMCA – YWCA in the Winnipeg Free Press.


Want to Successfully Target Boomers? Aim for the Head

By Lenore Skenazy http://www.adage.com

Advertising Age®

Ears? It’s hard to think of any great ideas beyond plugging them, especially at Metallica concerts. But Lorraine Mignault, an author and inventor in Winnipeg, points out that certain vitamins keep ear wax healthier, and healthier wax = better hearing…

Intellectual Property Protection – Creations of the mind establish and secure your business. By Lorraine Mignault – by request.

Canada’s Soho Business Magazine
Ideas help shape our world and intellectual property surrounds us in the workplace. Think about the trademarks that identify your folder labels, the copyrights that protect your office manuals and CDs, the industrial design of your new office coffeemaker, the integrated circuit topographies of your computer monitor, or your favourite patented invention – your cell phone…

Focus on Technology Transfer – Cosmetic and Therapeutic Personal-Care Lotion By Larry Plonsker http://www.TheCosmeticSite.com

Cosmetic & Toiletries® International Magazine

Lorraine Mignault has developed a new cosmetic and therapeutic skin lotion at her company, Positive Living Inc. The company claims that the product has remarkable properties for improving skin qualities. The lotion, formulated from all-natural ingredients, can also be used as an ingredient in other formulations. The lotion’s unique properties have been attributed to the proprietary extraction process by which the natural ingredients are produced and to the “nutritional” approach taken during the development…

A good time for more women in science – Re: Where Are The Female Einsteins? By Lorraine Mignault – selected editorial for http://www.nationalpost.com

National Post
As an award-winning inventor, I have an insider’s perspective on the field of science and fully understand the barriers – especially male dominance in the field.

Charles Murray’s article said men place greater importance on “inventing and creating something that will have an impact.” He is missing the obvious. At a time when we have a health care crisis, we would do well to favour qualified and nurturing women being in charge of food and health related industries, as persons who find “greater value in having strong friendships and having a meaningful spiritual life.”

If that happens, we may see long-awaited progress in the areas of anti-ageing, health, nutrition and medicine.

Haggle like a pro – Want a discount? Here’s how to cut a deal. By Mary Teresa Bitti http://www.wordsmatteronline.com

Reader’s Digest
“What can you do for me?”
Lorraine Mignault of Winnipeg is an entrepreneur – inventor and author of Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity. But while on vacation in Chicago, she was just another shoe shopper looking for her holy grail of footwear: a pair of thigh-high all-leather winter boots in a colour other than black or brown – apparently a near-impossible find in North America…

Haggling tip: “Know what you want and ask the right questions to better understand your options”, Mignault says. “And always ask with a smile. A little charm can go a long way.”

Nutritionist Recommends Grass-fed Bison By Anna Olson www.aquarianonline.com

The Aquarian Newspaper
Winnipeg’s Lorraine Mignault, author of Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity, nutrition consultant and inventor, routinely recommends bison meat for her clients.

“Many consumers want to avoid artificial additives in the food they eat,” says Ms. Mignault. “Grass-fed bison meat has been part of my nutritional recommendation to clients – especially to those doing strenuous exercise”…

Women of Note By Lindsay Stewart http://www.winnipegwomen.net

Winnipeg Women Magazine
Inventive Women – Winnipeg’s Lorraine Mignault, an inventor and author, will be among the women celebrating World Intellectual Property Day in Canada on April 26, which brings attention to women’s contributions to innovation. Visit inventivewomen.com

Miracles of Hope and Promise By Llyn Wren, R.N. http://www.theacademyofenergymedicine.com
Endorsed by Lynn Andrews, New York bestselling author of the Medicine Woman book series.

Fabulous Forever – Book Chapter
Lorraine Mignault featured author in the book Miracles of Hope and Promise.


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Laurie Langcastor
CJOB 68 Corus Winnipeg The Drive

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“Thank you so much for being a guest on my show, Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are! You were amazing and offered such insights to our listeners. In the meantime, much success to you and again, thank you for being so enthusiastic and wonderful.”

Cynthia Brian
“The Oprah of the Airwaves”

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“Lorraine was an inspiration and a delight on the show. We look forward to having her back again.”

Cheryll Gillespie
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