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Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of
Wellness and Longevity


Lorraine Mignault is Founder and Director of Positive Living Inc., an award-winning inventor, a bestselling author and a sought-after speaker.

Since graduating from the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Human Ecology, Lorraine has dedicated her life to the development of lifestyle programs and innovative products that benefit society on how to be healthy and live longer.

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With a zest for living every day, Lorraine’s passion for achieving wellness and longevity for herself and those around her are the cornerstones of her business and lifestyle. Some have have called her an “Angel on Earth” because of her research in disease intervention, which has touched many lives with positive transformation.

Lorraine captivates, inspires, challenges and involves audiences in all aspects of beauty and health. Through innovation and invention, she brings a renewed sense of care and makes a difference in many lives. Her concepts encompass holistic healing for educators, health professionals and laypersons. With several anti-aging technologies both in the food and dermatological sectors, Lorraine’s cosmetic and therapeutic lotion, Fabulous Forever® is one such example.


  • Appointed Founding Member, Ecological Food Manufacturers Association – USA based international organization providing expertise to industry members.
  • Published story “Live in the Present: For Gifts and Opportunities” – Inspiration category – official website of “The Secret” Movie.
  • Author/book selected as guest on USA radio program “Starstyle® – Be the Star You Are”, which is part of the largest radio network in the world.
  • Honored author/inventor/speaker at the World Intellectual Property Day, celebrating innovation by women.
  • Holder of Intellectual Property, including patents, trademarks, registered industrial design and copyright.
  • Bestselling book, Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity receives Foreign Rights approval and showcased at the Frankfurt International Book Fair for review of translation rights worldwide.
  • Selected by SelfGrowth.com for their Diet and Nutrition Expert Directory. Ranked #1 self-improvement website by search engines.
  • Nominated for lotion technology, Manning Innovation Awards.
  • Selected as a Canadian innovator in a national competition by inventivewomen.com
  • Featured inventor in the book, Canadian Women Invent!


Many people in Lorraine’s business and personal life encouraged her to write the book Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity. Buy a copy today to live longer with good health – and look younger naturally!


At Positive Living, we understand that your body is not a system of separates but a whole. To treat one system while ignoring others is one of the major failings of many books, health products and services.

This bestselling book offers a “wealth of wellness” that captures the secret to anti-aging, disease intervention and prevention, easy weight management, smoke-free, beauty sleep, young looking skin, stress elimination… and more. It’s a MUST-HAVE life guide backed by a worldwide scientific search!

Event organizers and fundraisers reap rewards for their life-focused sense of care. Lorraine’s book is the ONLY resource based on innovation, rather than trends driven by bandwagon promises. It encompasses holistic healing for educators, health professionals and laypersons that are aspiring to transform people’s total wellbeing.

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“In the month that I have been reading Die Healthy and practising Mignault’s ideas, I have lost ten pounds, I sleep better and I have more energy. I am happy to recommend this book to anyone wanting to follow a healthier lifestyle.”

– Angela Jackson, The Aquarian

“There are many other components of this book that really struck a chord – the use of clear language, charts, and especially case studies. I’ve already adopted some of the practices mentioned in the book – especially those centering around the breath and the skin.”

– Peter N. Jones, Ph.D., Publisher, New Great Books

Experience the secret of timeless beauty and wellbeing.

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