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Fabulous Forever® Essential Lotion


Lorraine Mignault and her company Positive Living Inc. are taking the world by storm! With recent patents for a revolutionary lotion technology, this changes the perspective on nutrition, dermatology, pain control and fitness.

By looking for like-minded licensees to apply her technology, Fabulous Forever® can be used around the world to enhance existing product lines and as an ingredient for the creation of new and existing products.

Lorraine spent over a decade researching and developing a formula based on all-natural proprietary plant derived ingredients, combining the effectiveness of plants and their affinity for specific functions, especially of the skin. This breakthrough lotion addresses multiple skin requirements, whether anti-aging, how to have young looking skin, including the relief of many health conditions.

At Positive Living, we understand that your body is not a system of separate components, rather one unit as a whole. To treat one system while ignoring others is one of the major failings of many books, health products and services.

Fabulous Forever® is an effective, remarkable product to look younger naturally – for men, women and children; including health professionals in complementary medicine, fitness training, spas, skin care and massage therapy.




“I suffered from rosacea on the face to the point that the itching kept me awake at night. After applying the lotion for the first time, the intense itchiness disappeared immediately. With applications in the morning and before bedtime, the pain, swelling, redness and skin irritations were gone within a week” – Allan

“The pain in my elbow , from tendonitis, would keep me up most of the night. After applying the lotion twice a day for a week, the pain has completely gone and has not returned.” – Don

“We have found relief from various other ailments such as mosquito bites, sore muscles, sunburns and as a healing compound for cuts and abrasions by using your lotion.” – Geoff


“Facially, I have enjoyed the lotion twice daily. It has provided deep moisturization, improved skin texture, facial radiance – and even toning to the lips prior to applying lip colour.” – Kathy

“I first used the lotion for recurring headaches due to an old whiplash injury from a car accident years ago. Applying the lotion to the back of the neck and the base of the skull provided immediate relief of the headache.” – Sarah

“Whenever I can’t sleep, I apply the lotion as directed and always have a fitful night’s rest.” – Carol


“My daughter also had spots of eczema. After applying the lotion for a week the spots had virtually disappeared and after one week of use, disappeared totally.” – Melanie

“My 10-year-old son was suffering from growing pains, getting cramping in his legs and waking up crying due to pain. The pain and stiffness was preventing his participation in active sports on those days. As an active physical child, he is very pleased and thankful for this excellent healing product.” – Cory

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With consumers wanting to do something good for themselves, quality – not quantity – is driving the consumer in all areas of beauty and wellness. Research by the Natural Marketing Institute shows more consumers changing their lifestyle and being more selective in the types of products purchased.

In the world of product innovation, Positive Living and the essential lotion with its value-added benefits are set to bring a sense of wellbeing to millions of people – including young looking skin.

“Thank you so much Lorraine for all you do for women and for your limitless support!” Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher, WE Magazine for Women – “The magazine by, for and about extraordinary women living extraordinary lives.” (Florida, USA)

“Thank you for your help, your kindness, your wisdom and concern. And congratulations on creating a wonderful product that has and will continue to help many people.” Lucie Marlo, Ph.D., Health Researcher/Writer (Victoria, BC)

Experience Fabulous Forever® – a patented, all-natural, plant-derived, anti-aging, multi-functional skin lotion to look younger naturally – all based on sound nutrition, Avena Sativa and a sustainable environment! ORDER NOW

15 ml/1/2 oz. Glass bottle.
$30.00 plus applicable Tax, Shipping and Handling.

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