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Visionary Jewellery Design

for Your Well-Being

Wellness Expert Lorraine Mignault is an award-winning inventor, scientist, bestselling author, and visionary jewellery designer in beauty and health. Using her Proprietary methods, she ignites a client’s success for improving health – looking young…and truly transforms their life. Her nomination as a Woman of Action by ACelebrationofWomen.org attests to her long term commitment to excellence in wellness.

As Founder of Positive Living Inc., Lorraine offers an innovative concept in jewellery design based on the influence of architectural space, beauty, colour and wellness. Scientific, sustainable innovation whether in food, lifestyle programming, skin care or jewellery, is a ritual in her life that validates her expertise and Intellectual Property. Lorraine is an industry member of Food Product Design Inc. and Skin Inc., and is thrilled to collaborate with Fashion and Jewellery Design Houses by providing value-added design benefits for a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Visionary Jewellery Design

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