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“Lorraine, YOU are definitely a WOMAN of ACTION. I am so looking forward to working with you on a future SUMMIT. You are a GEM to all the Women of our World!”  - Catherine Anne Clark, Founder & CEO, A Celebration of Women™/Foundation Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)

Lorraine Mignault is an exceptionally creative and professional individual who is making a significant contribution in the field of complementary health care through the development of proprietary food and dermatological products. Her book “Die Healthy” is a groundbreaking publication on how to stay healthy until the very end of life. It has been reviewed by numerous beauty and health professionals around the world who give it a “two thumbs up”. She was recently nominated for the YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Awards (Research and Innovation category).” – Angela Wood, Publisher, Inventive Women (Toronto, Ontario)

“Congratulations, Lorraine! You deserve all the best. You’re creative, inventive and a great mentor for women and men alike. The world is a better place because of your contribution.” – Meg Jordan, PhD., R.N. (California, USA)

“Having met Lorraine on a few occasions, this remarkable lady is an inspiration to all. She has pursued her dreams of sharing her research and knowledge with the world in order to make life a more rewarding, satisfying and healthier place. Well done, and may her work continue its path along the road to success.” – Fiona David (Vancouver, BC)

“I think we all dream of making a difference in the world, of changing things for the better and of helping mankind. Many of us let our fears and the challenges along the way stop us from becoming all that we could be. As a scientist, innovative thinker and gifted inventor, Lorraine Mignault has answered the call of her heart, moved forward, persevered in difficult times and accomplished some truly amazing things. She is a shining light for all women, and men for that matter, showing us what is possible if we believe in ourselves and pursue our life’s purpose. Thank you Lorraine. Your courage, creativity and tenacity is making a difference in so many lives, many of which you may not even be aware of yet.You are truly an Inspiration!” -Veronica M. Hay (Calgary, Alberta)

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