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Welcome to your personal health ritual! You have found a beauty and health expert who finally understands your concerns and works primarily with women struggling with lack of energy, sleepless nights, stress and depression, feeling so tired, weight fluctuations and who would like to achieve vibrant health. Learn holistic healing, great vitality, emotional balance, easy weight management and truly transform your life.

At Positive Living Inc., the lifestyle programs include scientific evaluation and improvement of several factors for your beauty and health. Wellness expert Lorraine Mignault is an award-winning Canadian inventor, scientist, author, speaker and founder of the company. Also a gifted soprano, her European Bel Canto vocal training is bridging fitness and health from a new perspective.

These programs are designed for sustainable healthy living and looking younger naturally – with a focus on your diet and nutrition, home environment, fitness, stress elimination, skin care, beauty sleep, easy weight management – and much more. All options are available via telephone call. ** Programs are booked and paid in advance.


“All I can say, Lorraine, is that I am happy to be able to tell people I know someone famous! You have accomplished so much and I know that you bring comfort and practicality to scores of people across the land. You have built up such an impressive resume and I have the feeling that you are not quite done yet.” L.S. ( Florida, USA)

“Congratulations, Lorraine! You deserve all the best. You’re creative, inventive and a great mentor for women and men alike. The world is a better place because of your contribution.” Meg Jordan, PhD., R.N. (California, USA)

“Having met Lorraine on a few occasions, this remarkable lady is an inspiration to all. She has pursued her dreams of sharing her research and knowledge with the world in order to make life a more rewarding, satisfying and healthier place. Well done, and may her work continue its path along the road to success.” Fiona David (Vancouver, BC)

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